Welcome to the OFFICIAL Freedom Keepers Network

Preserving Medical Freedom Worldwide

Why you should join:

We've created a space just for Freedom Keepers. With the increase in medical mandates, the loss of work, education, and more, the need to connect with Freedom Keepers has never been more great.

Inside the Freedom Keepers Network, you'll find endless opportunities to connect with like minded individuals to walk alongside in your journey for medical freedom. Whether it is finding others in the same profession, finding a homeschool group or co-op, forming your own, taking an empowering course, or meeting other influential instructors and advocates, this network was made just for Freedom Keepers. 

Our Mission:

Through service, education, and community, Freedom Keepers United provides valuable resources, support and sustainable solutions, empowering individuals affected by medical mandates across the world to make informed decisions and take back their medical freedom.